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Trans-loading and Cross-docking

You have one inbound container and several final destinations?

We have a solution for you!

You can optimize you import dollars by shipping all of your products in full container loads, not taking into consideration the number of final distribution places. We have a vast experience in transloading import containers and then delivering the content to multiple locations. 1&1 Logistics will take care of all your import transportation logistics and will arrange delivering of your products to the end points.
Transloading or cross-docking the imported goods at our warehouse will save you time and will lower your expenses.

Transloading Cargo

Let’s imagine you are importing a container to the East Coast. The final destination is actually in Mid-West, and the ocean carrier requires to return the container within 24 hours. Not a problem. 1&1 Logistics will dray your container, transport to our warehouse, transload the contents into the warehouse and return the container to port. Then we’ll arrange transportation of the goods to the final destination.

Cross-Docking Cargo
Cross-docking is when we receive import container and then unload the contents from an inbound shipment and combine them with other materials or re-processing for final delivery with little or no storage in between. By doing so, cross docking eliminates the storage and labor costs of conventional warehousing.


Transloading OT (open top) and Flat Rack containers with special equipment.
We have special equipment to  help our customers with unloading/transloading OT (open top) and Flat Rack containers at our location in Bayonne NJ. 

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